About Us

Who We Are

The idea of EIH was born in Oct 2013 after the catastrophic event of Garhwal Himalayas large scale landslides & floods that left the small Himalayas state of Uttarakhand completely ravaged with thousand of lives lost & displacement of many more. Environmentalists attributed the catastrophe to reckless and unscientific developmental activities. The Himalayan region of Western and Eastern Himalayas continue to get impacted by natural disasters year on year.

EIH showcases the beauty of the magnificent Indian Himalayas whose landscape is comparable to none in the world but at the same time propagates the message of conservation of these mountain ranges which are today exposed to global warming and reckless development activities resulting in glacial melt, rise in temperatures & damage to the ecology of the region. It’s time that all stakeholders viz. policy makers, environmentalists, scientists, policy implementation agencies & public at large come together and stem the degradation of Himalayas.

Founding Members

Dr SN Joshi

Dr SN Joshi has been associated with CSIR-Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, a constituent Laboratory of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research under Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for past 47 years. He superannuated from Council service in 2006as Chief Scientist and thereafter serving as Emeritus Scientist in the same organisation. He is the National Coordinator of a major Multi-institutional Project funded by DST. His areas of interest have been particularly in High Power Microwave Tubes, Microwave engineering, Ultra High Vacuum Technologies etc. These devices have various application in areas like Defence, Communication, Medical, Heating Industries, Energy, Wether Forecastuing etc. In addition to above, he has also taught M.Tech students in CSIR-CEERI under AcSIR (Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research established by an act of Parliament). During his stay in CEERI, Pilani, in addition to coordinating and leading various projects for DRDO,DAE,ISRO,CSIR etc, he also coordinated four International Projects and has also visited five Countries for executing and coordinating these projects. He has also served as Chairman and Member of various advisory and Review Committees of DRDO, DAE, ISRO, Bharat Electronics, CSIR, IIT, BHU and IIT, Roorkee.

He has also been closely associated for the last one decade with the activities of National Council of Science Museums as the Member of its Governing body and its Research Advisory Committee.

Dr Joshi is well regarded amongst the influential community of scientists which will help the EIH cause. In view of his vast experience in above areas, he as founding member of the Society, will contribute in the overall growth of EIH by providing technical as well as scientific education in the himalayan region for its economic development.

BN Basu

BN Basu received B Tech, M Tech and Ph D degrees all from University of Calcutta. He was superannuated as Professor and Head of Electronics Engineering Department, Banaras Hindu University. He has authored three books and more than a hundred research papers in journals including thirty eight in IEEE Transactions. He is recipient of SVC Aiya Memorial Award of Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers, India for motivating research and Lifetime Achievement Award of Vacuum Electronic Devices Society, India.

Dr LM Joshi

Dr. LM Joshi is Emeritus Scientist at Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani. He did his M. Sc. in Physics from Kumaon University, Nainital and Ph. D in Electronics Engineering from Institute of Technology, BHU, Varanasi. He joined CEERI in 1979 and is continuing there till date. He has worked in projects on development of M-carcinotrons, Crossed field amplifiers and coupled cavity TWTs. Currently he is heading the Klystron development group at CEERI and is Chief Investigator of three strategically important projects funded by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai and Defense Research Development Organization (DRDO) Delhi. He is a Professor in Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR) and has Coordinated Post Graduate Programme on High Power Microwave Devices & Systems under this academy.

Dr. Joshi has visited Lancaster University (United Kingdom), FZK, Karlsruhe and DESY Hamburg (Germany), Stanford University (USA) and Sweden as visiting Scientist where he worked in R&D related to CCTWT, Gyrotron and Klystrons.

He is immediate past National President of Vacuum Electronic Devices & Systems (VEDA) Society and member of National Executive Council of Indian Vacuum Society. He is life fellow of IETE, Indian Vacuum Society, IFTA and Indian Physics Association. He is Immediate Past Chairman of IETE, Pilani Centre. Currently he is associated with Graphic Era University, Dehradun as a member of its Board of Management and with IFTM University, Moradabad as member of Research Council. He has about seventy papers published in national and international journals and conference proceedings to his credit.

Dr Joshi is expected to play a pivotal role in providing technical inputs as a thought leader in overall development of the himalayan states. His strong network of the scientists’ community will help create the right platform to propagate the message of environment conservation and development of the region.

Ankur Joshi

Ankur is a nature lover and an amateur photographer who loves capturing Himalayan Landscapes. He has travelled across the Western Himalayas over the years and the concept of EIH was born during one of his visits to the unknown territories in the himalayan region. Environment conservation and showcasing the beauty of Himalayas is very close to his heart. The passion to create an eco-friendy tourism infrastructure & providing thought leadership towards environment conservation is his primary objective. Professionally, he is a Banker specialising in Risk Management and works for an MNC Bank in India. EIH is supported by him purely as a philanthropic initiative by investing personal time for this venture.

Pratibha Joshi

Pratibha is an educator whose skills in education and art will help the EIH cause immensely. The students of today are the future of tomorrow and will play an important in spreading the message of EIH. Education about environment conservation and clean tourism is an important activity that she drives in this venture. Her vast experience in education & student mentor relationship will benefit the initiative.

Prachi Joshi

Prachi is a Kumaoni from Uttaranchal, and having toured the Himalayas extensively since childhood, she has a great love for it. Traveling and living in various cities across the country exposed her to the diversity of her own culture, and the richness of its stories- and as a designer, she works to translate them into spatial experiences. Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in London.

Sudhanshu Chaturvedi

Sudhanshu is an IT professional with extensive experience in the corporate world and a die-hard photography enthusiast with primary interest in Nature & Wildlife, Landscape and Creative Photography. Having spent his childhood in Himachal Pradesh, Sudhanshu has a deep rooted association with the Himalayas and comes back to the hills whenever possible. Large portion of his photography endeavors are spent in capturing Himalayas in its true majestic form. Sudhanshu has joined hands with the larger groups to support conservation of Himalayas and wishes to work towards protecting ecology for overall development of the Himalayan states.