EIH Calendars

EIH Calendar 2017 is dedicated to Himalayas Conservation & Clean Tourism. It brings out fine landscape pictures of these mountain ranges & the entire support system to showcase the beauty of the region & need to preserve it.

Calendar 2016 is dedicated to Gangotri Eco system consisting of Gangotri Himalayas & Gangotri National Park which needs to be conserved to protect this extremely sensitive eco system.

Calendar 2015

2015 Calendar, the second in series after the formative year of 2014, was a tribute to the glory of these beautiful Himalayan states. The theme of the calendar was “Conservation of Indian Himalayas” and its beings. The Calendar was launched amidst the backdrop of massive floods in Jammu & Kashmir & annual flooding & landslides episodes in Garhwal Himalayas.

Calendar 2014

Uttarakhand that witnessed one of the worst natural disasters in June 2013 caused by cloud burst & landslides leading to loss of thousands of lives and displacement of many more. Environmentalists have attributed this catastrophe to reckless and unscientific developmental activities. The landscape of this beautiful himalayan state has over the years become extremely fragile with large-scale mining & mindless real estate development to benefit the privileged few. The glaciers of the state are gradually melting, the flora & fauna thinning & the people of the state continuing to lack basic amenities like education, electricity and employment.