Our Work

Society Charter

Exploring Indian Himalayas prime objective is to showcase to the world the beauty of Indian Himalayas across the hill states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and the north eastern Indian states which cover the length and breadth of The Great Himalayas. The region is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth which the society intends to promote globally to bring in the desired economic benefits for these states – the initiative supports Incredible India. At the same time, another key objective of the society is to propagate the message of Environment conservation as the Great Himalayas have an immediate threat of losing its ecology due to Global Warming and “reckless” development in these states. The Himalayas Glaciers are melting at a rapid pace thus requiring an urgent intervention by all stakeholders viz. Local and Central government bodies, private organizations which are involved in environment conservation, R&D institutes, Scientists, Environmentalists & Local population.

This region has credit of producing notable Academicians, Leaders, Poets, Administrators and very learned & intellectual personalities. In general, the people of this region are of religious mind, simple, honest and remain satisfied with what so ever they have with limited feelings of having more and more. Though development is taking place in these states, there are a lot of issues faced by this region. The first and foremost is poverty, as agriculture is the mainly source of livelihood. The farming is mostly step farming due to slopes and even today mostly it is done manually. As the agricultural land is limited, the share goes on diminishing with the time due to the division of land within the siblings. The other issue is the availability of portable water, womenfolk have to do lot of efforts in getting the water for daily routine of the house. Education is another issue in the hilly terrain. In cities, educational facilities are available but in remote areas, some of which are not even connected by road, it lags a lot. Parents have to do a lot of efforts in arranging basic education for their siblings. Even after completing their basic schooling, the boys and girls don’t get proper guidance for their future endeavors neither from their teachers nor from their parents. In the present competitive scenario, the students, though some of them are exceptionally brilliant do not get the proper opportunities to excel further. This phenomenon gets further negativity due to the financial conditions of respective parents.

Some of the key activities that society plans to undertake are as follows:

  • Though leadership in propagating the message of environment conservation relating to The Great Himalayas
  • Act as a facilitator by organizing seminars, conferences and public forums to create awareness and raise issues regarding environment conservation and measures for economic development of the Indian Himalayan states
  • Promote tourism by working with state & central government and private bodies in setting up world-class tourist resorts and improving road, rail & air infrastructure
  • Assist in promoting & enhancing facilities & technology for fruits processing, dairy farming & cash crops for increased commercial output and benefit to local population
  • Set up schools for primary and secondary education
  • Set up world class higher education / R&D institute providing education on latest technical subjects – this will assist in providing local population the desired skill sets for employment
  • Work in partnership with the state government in setting up vocational training institutes across the state
  • Any other related activities