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Sheroes.in, Career empowerment for Women

“There is something in the Himalayas that calls us, connects with us. If we love the nature, or enjoy different mountain activities or just appreciate beauty, the Himalayas have something to offer to each of us. But, the mountain that has stood strong for ages now, is slowly falling apart. And it needs our help and support.

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” – Sir Edmund Hillary

We at SHEROES.in support this initiative to protect the beauty of Indian Himalayas and its ecology and promote preservation of the ecosystem of the world’s largest mountain ranges. At SHEROES, we work towards, scaling new heights everyday, staying strong and being true to oneself. We motivate the community to explore things they are afraid of – just like Mt. Everest.

Everyone has their mountain to climb. And that’s what we work towards everyday at SHEROES.in We work towards promoting women’s careers. With the right attitude and perseverance they have overcome many hurdles and climbed new heights. We wish to extend the same support to the mountain that has inspired many over thousands of years and we hope to make a difference and prevent it from falling apart.”

“Taking Charge, Staying Strong”

— Sairee Chahal

KAFAL, Knowledge Acquisition for Appropriate Livelihood

“Exploring Indian Himalayas has been making laudatory efforts to explore the eternal and unfathomable beauty of the great Himalayas. We at Kafal, in particular, feel a sense of great elation and joy at this as we too identify strongly with the Himalayas. Apart from being a visual delight, EIH photo-story seeks to enhance awareness about Uttara Khand and in that we find a common cause as we strive to provide opportunities to its children through education.”

“We wish EIH success in this endeavour.”

— Gyan Joshi, Secretary, KAFAL

Harish Kapadia, Mountaineer, Explorer & Author

“Love for mountains and particularly Himalaya come naturally to me since the childhood. I am extremely happy to know that EIH is leading the initiative of showcasing the magnificence of Himalaya and spreading the important message of preservation of its ecology which is of paramount importance today. If the ecology of this beautiful mountain range is not preserved, there’ll be no future mountaineers who will have the honour of climbing these mighty peaks and the world will not be the same without the Himalaya. Last but the most important aspect that I wish to touch upon is the need to preserve the flora, fauna and the human beings of this region who are heavily dependent on the topology of the Himalaya. Any change to the climate in this region will bring in significant damage to this world.”

“I hope each and every human being joins this cause of conserving the Himalaya.”

— Harish Kapadia, www.harishkapadia.com

Te Aroha, Eco-friendly Himalayan Resort

“The Himalayas have captured the imagination of people for centuries. Sadly, the Himalayan ecosystem is facing strong anthropogenic and developmental pressures including deforestation, land use change and degradation of natural resources. There is widespread concern that this situation will intensify in the years to come. The Himalayas form part of global natural heritage. Persistent efforts are required to protect them from degradation. It is heartening to learn that initiatives like Exploring Indian Himalayas are working persistently to showcase the beauty of Indian Himalayas and its ecology with the objective of preserving the ecosystem of the world’s largest mountain ranges. I compliment them for their efforts and wish they would gather support from around the globe to advance this initiative.”

— Sumant Batra, Founder & Owner, Te Aroha

Vani, Author

“I had been working for six years as a business journalist when I decided to pack my bags and take a holiday; this one was meant to experience nature the unconventional way, ‘on a bicycle’. As I trudged along one of the world’s toughest roads, the Leh-Manali Highway, I got to witness the beauty of nature as can only be enjoyed on a bicycle— the old fold mountains that change hues, strangely converting from brown to pink with streaks of green, yellow, rust, mauve and purple, greenery that is so abstractedly placed that it enchants you, places like Keylong, Gondla, Shiuling, Tandi that still retain their old world charm, the river Indus that flows through these mountains like a ribbon, religious chortens that line the road as you cross Shey and Thiksey, the mysticism that deepens at every step leaving you completely spell bound and mesmerised.

In the fifteen days that I spent travelling from Manali to Leh, crossing the major mountain passes, including Tang Lang La, world’s second highest pass (Ht 17852 ft), I did everything that I had never even dreamt of—sleeping in dirt laden clothes on roadside stones, taking lift in trucks and milk vans, getting a Maggi overdose, eating omlettes from roadside rehriwallas and taking help from strangers. Luckily for me, whenever the weather would go hostile, there was Indian Army to help, even the truck drivers who traverse these mountains were very kind.

My journey gave me an opportunity to appreciate our natural heritage and that is also what Exploring Indian Himalayas (EIH) 2016 Calendar is all about— a celebration of the beauty of Indian Himalayas, its ecology and beings. This year the calendar specifically focuses on the Gangotri belt of mountains in the hilly state of Uttarakhand with its magnificent peaks such as the Chaukhamba, Thalay Sagar, Bhagirathi, Shivling & Meru that form a ring around the Gangotri Glacier. The theme has been carefully chosen to inspire those of us who haven’t known these places beyond the religious significance they already have— some of these peaks are challenging even to the world’s best trekkers and mountaineers. But, that is not all. The proceeds from the EIH Calendar go to support education of underprivileged children in the Himalayan states which still continue to lag behind their city cousins. A noble initiative, we all agree, especially as it seeks to bring these children at par with their counterparts who study in the best of schools and have access to top class facilities. I congratulate the team at Kafal and thank all those of you who make such initiatives a success by contributing your bit towards buying these Calendars.”

— Vani, www.vaniauthor.com

Er. Kireet Kumar, Scientist G, GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development

“I am happy to know that EIH supports Conservation of Himalayas and its ecology and at the time showcases the beauty of this region to bring about a consensus amongst all stakeholders viz. people of the region & the world, scientists who are involved in various researches to find most innovative and cutting edge methods of conservation, authorities who are responsible for policy formulation & organisations who propagate this message. EIH Calendar 2016 beautifully describes this theme and I hope this calendar will be supported by people & organizations across the globe.”

— Er. Kireet Kumar, Scientist G, GB Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment & Development, Almora, India