Harish Kapadia, Mountaineer, Explorer & Author

Harish Kapadia, Mountaineer, Explorer & Author

“Love for mountains and particularly Himalaya come naturally to me since the childhood. I am extremely happy to know that EIH is leading the initiative of showcasing the magnificence of Himalaya and spreading the important message of preservation of its ecology which is of paramount importance today. If the ecology of this beautiful mountain range is not preserved, there’ll be no future mountaineers who will have the honour of climbing these mighty peaks and the world will not be the same without the Himalaya. Last but the most important aspect that I wish to touch upon is the need to preserve the flora, fauna and the human beings of this region who are heavily dependent on the topology of the Himalaya. Any change to the climate in this region will bring in significant damage to this world.

I hope each and every human being joins this cause of conserving the Himalaya.”

— Harish Kapadia

About Harish Kapadia

Harish Kapadia (Born 11 July 1945) is a distinguished Himalayan Mountaineer and author from India. He has been awarded the Patron’s Medal of the Royal Geographic Society, UK and the Life Time Achievement Award for Adventure by the President of India and the King Albert Mountain Award presented by The King Albert I Memorial Foundation, Belgium. He has written numerous books and articles on the Indian Himalaya. He began climbing and trekking in the range around Mumbai, the Western Ghats. His first visit to the Himalaya was almost 40 years ago.

His main contribution to Himalayan climbing has been to explore unknown areas and, in number of cases, to open up climbing possibilities. Some of his major ascents have been of Devtoli (6788 m), Sudarshan Parvat (6502 m), Bandarpunch West (6102 m), Parilungbi (6166 m) &Lungser Kangri (6666 m). He led seven international joint expeditions, four with the British, two with the French and one with the Japanese; to high peaks, such as Rimo I (7385 m), Chong Kumdan I (7071 m), Sudarshan Parvat, Panch Chuli, Rangrik Rang groups and Padmanabh (7030m).

Harish Kapadia has been elected an Honorary Member of the Alpine Clubs of London, America, Japan and Poland. He was a Vice President of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (1997–1999). He was awarded the IMF Gold Medal by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation in 1993. In 2003, the Queen approved the award of the Patron’s Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical Society to him. He has been invited to many countries to lecture on his Himalayan exploits, and is a member of several organisations. He is married, and lives in Mumbai.

Harish Kapadia has written number of books including Trekking and Climbing in the Indian Himalaya, Into the Untravelled Himalaya, Spiti Adventures in the Trans-Himalaya, Meeting the Mountains & Exploring the Highlands of Himalaya to name a few. His forthcoming coming book Routes in the Himalaya will cover hundreds of trekking routes in the range.